Wednesday, June 13, 2018

Guest Post- Top 5 Fashion Styles That Are Completely Ruined By Negative Association

Submitted by Stefan

Although creativity remains at the forefront of all fashion trends, fashion in and of itself has evolved past the point of recognition. Unless you’re in your golden years and into senior dating, any other aspect of socialization involves being well aware of the fact that fashion is making statements as loud as ever that have little to do with the actual clothes we wear. At the same time, there are certain styles or fashion elements that died and are not coming back, at least not in the same shape and form, and we discuss our top 5 picks below.

#1: The Mustache

Lots of people out there, especially girls, find that most forms of mustache bear too strong a resemblance to Hitler’s mustache, much like the name Adolf. Past a certain point in life, when they can grow a full beard or wish to follow fashion trends, most men will grow a mustache if for no other reason than to check out what it looked like on them. As popular as facial hair is today, the mustache will forever be associated with Hitler, and it’s unlikely that it will ever make a comeback.

#2: Ski Masks

Remember when you were a kid and when it got really cold outside your mom would put on matching ski masks on you and your brother? Well, we do too, but it’s unlikely anyone’s kids are wearing those anymore because who wants their kids to be flight risks? Ski masks were extremely warm and served their purpose well, but are now associated with criminals and terrorists, and we can kiss them goodbye.

#3: Dark Hoodies

Try wearing a dark hoodie anywhere in the US, especially if you’re black! What a terrible way to ruin a perfectly good style that is not only comfortable for the person wearing it but also used to send a message to the onlookers that the person sporting it was laid-back and didn’t take themselves or life too seriously. Nowadays, dark hoodies are associated with police brutality and the position of young black males in America.

#4: Pill Box Hat

A pill box hat is an incredibly girly accessory that Jackie Kennedy wore at the time of her husband’s assassination. This style of hat was never worn in popular media, such as TV or movies until Legally Blonde, and it pretty much died on the day of JFK’s death. Not only is it associated with his tragic passing, but it also reminds lots of folks out there of what could have been had JFK lived on.

#5:  Long Beard

Pretty much only a handful of bikers can still pull off a long beard as a kind of fashion statement. Everyone else risks looking like Osama Bin Laden or a person who’s ready to join the Taliban. That’s a shame because, in many cultures across the globe, a long beard for men signifies adhering to a tradition that has absolutely nothing to do with violence, but in our times a long beard, much like a ski mask, pretty much comes down to someone looking like a potential terrorist.

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