Sunday, February 16, 2014


Now, I may not be walking around New York City, like one of my faves, Mrs. Carrie Bradshaw- Preston from Sex and the City (yes Wendy, her and Mr. Biggs did get married at the end of the first movie); however I must say that Carrie served single woman realness along with her buddies for a good portion of the series (We will discuss different details on why you may disagree later).  As a 30 (Actually I turn 30 next month, but it counts) -years old single myself, I must say that some of Carrie’s quotes, along with many others, carry some heavy weight with my views on living the single life.  Hence, I introduce you to The Solo Alliance.  A blog from a single woman that displays open thoughts on different aspects of life period.  It will address a multitude of topics and the range is limitless.  This blog will relate to the singles, assist the hitched with either flashbacks of the single life or some sort of understanding (take your pick *shrugs shoulders*), make a couple people feel salty, make a couple people happy (again that’s your choice), and just allow me a space to do talks, reviews, rants, tips, emotional outbursts, or whatever.  If you want to join The Solo Alliance, bash The Solo Alliance, or speak about The Solo Alliance, you should know what to do…  Sound off below in the comments.  Thank you for taking time to read my thoughts and hopefully you will enjoy. Again I welcome you to my relationship with myself *Smooches*.


  1. I like your blog I def can relate 28 going on 29 and super single

    1. Thank you so much for viewing and taking the time to comment. I totally understand the term super single. I hope you enjoy. :)