Monday, December 04, 2017

Combination/Oily Skin Foundation and Concealer?

I am not an avid wearer of foundation; however, I do love makeup. Normally I create eye looks, but I want to get into the whole shabang! I have tried foundation and normally have the following issues: touching my face and now the foundation is on anything I touch, or the dreaded oily look. The funny thing is I don't know what it is called because it isn't necessarily my T-zone, but moreso, the top of my brows and my cheeks near my nose. So I am on the hunt to find a foundation and concealer that will last at least eight hours. I am talking foundation, concealer, primer, and setting powder. So you know what that means?

Now, I actually have several foundations and setting powders, but what fun is it to review the old stuff. Ahh maybe I will but I will definitely have to mix it up. 

I know there will be some recommendations for some of the higher end makeup brands, and I know I am looking for a holy grail foundation that will last, but... uh... I'm on a budget at this time. Check out to find out about life changes I am going through honey.  I say that to say stay tuned, we are makeup shopping and reviewing. 

I would love to hear your recommendations for what has worked for my fellow friends and new comers.  Leave your comments (recommendations) below and make sure to come back for our reviews.

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