Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Changing Places

Changing Places by thesoloalliance

Take this outfit from breezy day to naughty nights!
The two outfits uses the same top but makes it interchangeable from  day strolling and fashion meetings to dates and mingling nights. This outfit allows the options of showing some legs while pairing it with options of showing your nitch for mixing and blocking colors.. You can mute it or toot it. Adding the necklace allows for pin up during the day and removing the necklace to let your your hair hang down at night. Now why these can be seen as dark colors, pairing the top and bottom with the light colors and gold tones, warm this look up, making it an option to change places from spring to summer to do your solo walk.  

Now some of these looks can be pricey but coming soon on the blog is inexpensive alternatives and doing a review of some Instagram seller accounts that sell the optional celebrity look for inexpensive prices.

Sound off below in the comments, can this look be in The Solo Alliance?

V neck top
$33 - newlook.com

ChloƩ tweed shorts
$705 - harveynichols.com

Topshop shorts
$75 - topshop.com

Michael michael kors handbag

Tory burch purse

Forever 21 boho bracelet

Triangle drop earrings
$6.68 - newlook.com

TOMS sunglasses

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