Monday, December 21, 2015

Its Fall! I Like Mine With Olives

Its Fall! I like mine with Olives by thesoloalliance

Its my favorite time of the season, with my favorite color being a popular color this season(hence the title). This is an outfit to leave the fall and slide into the winter.
Pair up some fall colors with winter layers. The casual shirt makes it dressy for work but the length also assist with heading towards a BYOB art painting class or a long happy hour with the girls. The scarf brings together the outfit, but the great thing is most people don't sit with their scarves on, so your outfit is still able to stand alone without the scarf.  It is also still basic enough to add any additional layers or allow for adding a nice neutral tote to this ensemble. I chose neutral eye looks because they scream soft and intense. They make great combinations for the look and are normally easy for on the go options for makeup. I paired these colors the other day with tall chestnut boots and it worked out really well if I must say so myself. More updates coming soon. 

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