Tuesday, July 26, 2016

DIY Chalkboard

Here is a project that was created from a failed attempt at my DIY Dry Erase Paint Chip Calendar. I bought a frame and thought for sure a 16x20 would be big enough to create a paint chip calendar. I was wrong, but I bought the frame for super cheap from Wal-Mart and I knew that I would eventually use it; therefore, why take it back. Well, I did want a chalkboard and found this great post on Pinterest for making your own chalkboard paint from The Idea Room!

Well, I already had all of the required materials

Materials Used:
Frame (16x20 Wal-Mart)
Non-Sanded Grout (Home Depot)
Acrylic Paint (Wal-Mart)
Foam Brush
Meauring cups (purchased from the dollar tree only for crafting)

I painted over the top of the plastic window, I only took off the plastic covering (if that makes any sense). It tells you to take of the plastic covering on the front of the frame, so its best to follow the directions of the frame.

I let the chalkboard sit outside in the sun to dry (which here in Texas only took less than an hour, but we will say an hour for the purpose of the post) and I thought I would need another coat. However, after it finished drying, it was pretty smooth. The below picture is an up close candid of the finished results.

It was super easy and turned out fantastic. Thank you for visiting The Solo Alliance.  **Smooches**

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