Friday, July 29, 2016

Quick Easy Manicure

Don't you just love when your nails are nicely manicured? Wouldn't you just love to be able to do a quick manicure until you can get to the nail shop but you don't think you have all the material required? Yes, you more than likely do, or you can get what is needed within a small budget. All you need is a nail file, nail polish (clear top coat and whatever color you would like), nail polish remover, nail decals or stickers, Q- tips (or a small brush), and 20 mins.  These items will allow you to make a nice manicure that will last you for at least a week for next to nothing.
Now while I would love to give the instructions of exactly how to polish your nails, that would be an unfortunate tail, because I am not a professional. I just like my nails to look nice and because I do change them frequently, it doesn't really bother me too much to take it off after a week because the most it costs is  some T.V. time to do my nails. 

Materials Used:

Gold nail polish
Clear topcoat polish

Q-tips- (used to shape the tips and clean up messes)
Acetone or nail polish remover- 
Kiss Nail Stickers
Nail File
Tweezers (makes it easier to put on the stickers)

Hopefully this helps with the option of quick manicures. Thanks for visiting. **Smooches**

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