Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Black Denim

Black Denim by thesoloalliance featuring giuseppe zanotti sneakers

Is it winter or even fall yet? Do you have plans for going out with your girlfriends to a bar with a lie band or a concert-type event? We are ready to bring back the black denim.
This would be a great look for an upcoming concert, where you need to be comfortable standing, but you still want to show out and there are a couple of after parties that are you are going to want to hit up. Why not jazz this up with your long hair don't care, the beach waves, or the natural curls and kinks? It would also pair well with nice small gold hoops. I love how this outfit appears simple, but makes a bold statement. 

Motel crop shirt

Faux leather jacket

New Look ripped jeans

Giuseppe zanotti sneaker

Gucci handbag

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