Tuesday, August 09, 2016

DIY Magazine Rack

This was one of my first projects that I ever did. I had card board boxes from numerous deliveries and these magazines came from some subscriptions from Just Fab (we will definitely talk about the awesome deals on JustFab.com) and I needed a place to store them. Organization is the name of the game. So after browsing Pinterest, I saw this neat idea for file storage and decided- it would be able to be created at a larger size so that I can store magazines. Lets look at how I created this magazine storage with a paper compartment. 

Material Used:

  • Wrapping paper (I got it in the dollar area at Michael's)
  • Glue
  • Box Cutter
  • Small Cardboard box (or whatever size you chose
  • Ruler or tape measure

So lets get into this simple DIY magazine, file, or notebook rack (or whatever you would like to store inside).

I started with a regular box and cut all of the flaps off.


I drew a line across the front of the box using a tape measure. 

After drawing the line on the front, I proceeded to cut down the sides stopping at the line

Once I cut the sides, I cut along the previously drawn line, which created the bottom picture shape.

The next step is to create the sides, which I did by drawing a line using the tape measure at a 45 degree angle.

Next, I cut the box following the drawn line to create the angled sides


I repeated the two steps above on the next side


Lastly I wrapped the entire box and one of the flaps with wrapping paper. The flap was glued down to the front to create a space for the loose postcards located in the magazines. 


Viola! DIY Magazine Rack. Thanks for visiting The Solo Alliance **Smooches**

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